Freelance art director, Growth Hacker, and rockstar graphic designer

I come from a traditional background of graphic arts and design, more than 10 years ago I jumped into new forms of digital expression. I have been working primarily in the digital space since around 2004. I combine my experience of more than 20 years working as Graphic Design with more than 5 years of experience in art direction, art, and digital design to offer a breakthrough in the visual message that requires a brand.

My Experience

Born and raised in Santo Domingo on the beautiful island of the Dominican Republic. A mixture of flavor, colors and pure heart.

Associate, Graphic Design | Brookfield Properties
2017  |  Present
City | Washington, DC

I’m an art director, father, designer, friend, problem solver, amateur photographer, illustrator, and Bacon-lover. I’ve been doing art for over 20 years now, working for a variety of brands both big, small and startups.

• Self-motivated digital designer, visual identity and logo creation
• Good eye on details and visual memory
• Work under pressure? No problem
• I love constructive criticism, they help to grow and expand possibilities.
• An avid passion for identifying and using new font families as a design feature
• Experience in art directing
• Proven ability to reimagine a brand’s presence through design and storytelling
• Strategically pushing boundaries in order to take a brand’s message to the next level.

My Skills

Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Photoshop


Indesign CC


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I believe in the brands I work

I’m a designer of social technology and experiential marketing, where defines the words passion, knowledge, seduction, and commitment.

Professional to the bone

I’m proud of what I am able to achieve for you. My work is more than a routine task: it’s passion and vocation.

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